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Looking For a “Stayer Not Player”? Single People, Are You Ready To Meet a Stayer Not Player? Lets Go! A Stayer is a person that has reached a point in their life, that feels the time has come to settle down, with another Stayer, a person whom is also ready to settle down. If this is not you, please visit Imagine Finding that person? it's like finding a needle in a hay stack. That one person whom is ready to commit, and commit to you, and you alone, and vise versa? Are you ready to find that one and only special, which could be just moments away? Begin, by browsing the lovely faces on here and enjoy this website for what it is. Do try and have fun, make new friends, start as many chats as possible with people you think may be your Stayer Not Player in life. Should you like to chat to anyone, please click on contact us to begin your profile page. Let's go! one of our staff will be in touch. Have fun!

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What a catch!

When only the best will do!


Let Me Tell You About Denise

Absoulutely real and down to earth!


Charlene is cherries!

Come closer and have a chate

What else?


Pamela loves pasta

Share a plate with her now!


All I Need Is Patricia

Love, hold, need Patricia.


Sharon has it all that you need

.... and more!


The girl of your dreams.

Megan means to be mean to be kind! .... think about it!


Chrissy wil love and cherish one partner only, no excuses.

Do as you will, but do what you say and don't let her down.

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I am Who I Am!

With Passion For Real, Good People

Just me, myself and I, exploring the universe of unknownment. I have a heart of love and an interest of you and me toghether. I want to share my world with you. Are you ready!?. Yes, Click Here.